Linda S Behar

Linda S. Behar, PhD (born, 1953, Chicago) began taking classes in the weekend program for adults at the School of the Art Institute in 1985. She discovered that the engagement in art offered a way to quiet her mind. Creating 2-dimensional work with pastel, pen and ink, and chalk during that period provided her with a setting for revealing unconscious experiences. Art school administrators encouraged her to enroll as a full-time student. However, after receiving a generous fellowship, she chose to earn a PhD. She placed her artwork in a portfolio bag for nearly 30 years while raising her two children and working as a university professor.


In fall 2017, she began taking drawing classes with colored pencils. She had been in several prestigious juried group shows including True Colors (October 2017) and Time is an Illusion (November 2017) at ArtServ in Ft. Lauderdale and the Sugar Sand exhibition (November 2017) in Boca Raton. She won the People’s Choice Award for one of her works exhibited at True Colors. As a retired academician, she now spends her time drawing and writing.



Artist Statement


My current works (2017-present) were created using colored pencils on charcoal, pastel, Canson Mi-Tientes sanded, Stonehenge, or Arches cover papers. This body of abstract drawings evolves from internal processes, not easily characterized. However, my work can be described as a felt, non-cognitive process, kaleidoscopic, and representative of what others may feel yet not often express. I enjoy hearing what others see as a whole and within each piece. Even the orientation of the piece is completely personal to the observer/owner. There are often several viewable pieces in each drawing.